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A community concerned.

Posted on 15 Jul 2023 @ 15:05 by Deputy Sheriff III Angelica Passolini
Edited on on 15 Jul 2023 @ 15:12

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Mission: April Fools
Location: Food Lion, Kill Devil Hills
Timeline: 03 APR 0940

"Justice to 362," the dispatcher announced over the radio.

"This is 362 go ahead with your traffic" Angelica set down her morning coffee while Cheech in the back looked up from his first nap of the day.

"The Food Lion, 1720 North Croatan Highway, Kill Devil Hills, there's a 911 call from the manager reporting an unknown problem in the parking lot. He said he was just asked to call 911 and doesn't know anything further, we'll advise if he calls back or we get any other calls."

"Show me en route justice," With that, she looped her patrol vehicle around using her lights and siren blips to alert traffic, before shutting them off to proceed. Cheech was now sitting up in his spot having heard noises that meant work was coming.

When they pulled into the large parking lot off the highway there were people milling around and, pretty typical for a day at the Food Lion. She pulled up to the entrance and radioed on the scene. Getting out she looked around to see what was the issue or where the caller was.

Whoever called had long since disappeared and she could see a small crowd, gathered around an elderly woman, who was wearing a cotton dress, as Angela approached she could smell urine.

"Good morning, I'm Deputy Passolini, what's going on?" For this call Cheech sat in the car, as much as Chech was her partner, he sometimes put people at ease, but because of his size at times, he could be intimidating.

The lady, looked around something in her eyes showed confusion. It was something similar she'd seen before, sometimes with alcohol, but she didn't smell the usual signs, no smell of alcohol

"I seem to be lost." No slurring was detected. Angelica figured it wasn't alcohol so she guided the woman to her patrol SUV, a habit she learned from her uncle Biagio, who retired recently after 30 years in patrol, gentle hand on the wrist, allowed you to guide the citizen and you still had the ability to quickly go hands on. plus you could check for hospital bands and medic alert bracelets.

It also let her get a feel for a couple fo other things, like this woman was tiny and felt very thin, and she felt something. "What's this?" She asked, hoping to get answers. She had already gotten Odelia Roberts' name and family information and Mrs Roberts, who was very insistent on that, explained.

"Oh that's my bracelet, I have to wear it. A lady must have her jewelry." She whispered, "I wear it because sometimes I get the sugars." She may not remember much, but she did remember that bit of medical information.

Odd southern wording to it sometimes, but that she remembered was what some old folks around here would call diabetes, and the only thing she had for low blood sugar in her vehicle was some of her snacks and perhaps giving her some raisins wouldn't help the situation, so smartest thing was getting an ambulance, plus the other bracelet was a patient band from one of the local skilled nursing facilities in the area, so best location was to get her back there.

She keyed her radio. "362 justice"

"Go ahead 362."

"Justice requesting EMS to my location for a confused patient."

The response was acknowledged and she started talking to the crowd just to see if anyone knew her, was she a regular and no one really knew her. As she talked to her she got some more information but still no contact, then she saw the ambulance.

"Mrs. Roberts, some folks are coming to talk to you. They're going to make sure you're ok."

"Oh that's fine dear." Mrs. Roberts seemed to settle In to wait, fixing her old cotton dress like it was the finest silk gown.

The local fire department pulled their ambulance behind her SUV.

She headed over and introduced herself. Then explained, "I got the call for a confused woman wandering the parking lot, Mrs Roberts is confused, she's got a medic alert bracelet for type 2 diabetes and a patient wristband."

"We'll talk to her." The older of the two, had the requisite firefighter mustache, which seemed to be the standard issue the family joke was FDNY issued the mustaches when they graduated from the academy. The younger was a woman so no mustache there,

While she stood back the paramedics asked general questions to get her identity, and some other ones, including who's the President, answered with that nice young man Kennedy. So that wasn't normal. That resulted in a conversation between the two medics and then they approached Angelica, "We're gonna take her in, her blood sugar is in the 40s, are there any charges?"

"No, we're not charging anything."

"Ok then we can have the hospital call the Nursing home."

"Sounds good thanks."

The older of the two firefighters spoke gently to her then they walked slowly to the ambulance.

"362 justice"

"Go ahead 362."

"Show me code 4 on the call, transferred to FD."



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