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Out for a Walk

Posted on 09 Jul 2023 @ 10:51 by Deputy Sheriff II Anistyn Ramirez-Rhinehart & Game Manager Stephen
Edited on on 09 Jul 2023 @ 11:18

792 words; about a 4 minute read

Mission: April Fools
Location: Bayliss Boatworks, Wanchese
Timeline: 03 APR 2023, 0733

"911, what is the address of the emergency?" the dispatcher asked on the second ring of the phone. She had clicked the large button depicting two red lights flashing the ringer the sound of a siren as she stood at the standing desk containing the six large monitors that made up her dispatch console.

"I'm at Bayliss Boatworks, six hundred harbor road," the man said, sounding frustrated. "There's a drunk man in my parking lot."

"Is that in Wanchese?" the dispatcher confirmed, having the company's name saved as a common place in the computer-aided dispatch system, known as a CAD.

"Yeah," the man said, rolling his eyes. "The one and only Bayliss."

"Okay sir, what what's your name?"

The line disconnected, and the dispatcher did her due diligence and attempted to call back with no response, being sent directly to voicemail twice.

"Justice to 313," the primary police dispatcher announced over the radio channel, reading the call that had popped into the pending queue of the CAD.

"313 go ahead Justice" Rhinehart responded after picking up the mic from its resting place.

"313 respond to Bayliss Boatworks, 600 Harbor Road in Wanchese, for an intox subject on the property, unknown further."

"Show me responding" Ani said as she turned her cruiser onto the main road and flipped on her lights. She was only a couple minutes away from the location.

"Responding seven-thirty-three."

Several minutes later 313 to Justice. Show me on scene" Ani said as she pulled through the main gate after turning off her lights.

She pulled up in front of the main office, she observed a male walking around and took a moment to see if it was the Reporting party or the suspect.

Ani stepped out of her cruiser and walked to the man not seeing anyone with the business logo on the she headed after the male,

"Williams County sherrif's Dept." Ani announced loud enough to wake sleeping dogs. The man slowly stopped, rocking back and forth slightly.Ani approached cautiously "Turn around slowly and keep your hands where I can see them" Ani said as the man complied with her instructios thus far.

As soon as he was face to face with her, he bolted , heading towards the tall fence at the edge of the property, Ani growled and keyed her mike "313 Justice. Foot pursuit heading toward the west end of the property" She said running after the man. "Stop, police." She said announcing herself again.

Fortunately for her, the man was indeed intoxicated and soon tripped over his own feet and went down. Ani came up behind him "Hands behind your back." She said as she took the cuffs from her belt and applied them

"313 to Justice...1 in custody" she said as she patted the man down and took out any possible weapons before getting him back on his feet. He was stumbling drunk "Wadda I do?" He asked "I'm just walkin' home. Officer."

Ani had him by the elbow "We'll discuss that in a minute." She said "Spread your feet apart." She said putting one foot between his feet and keeping him off balance. She sat his wallet and a pocket knife on top of her car while she read him his rights.

Ani turned him around "Now, why did you decide to run from me?" She asked "Had you not done that, this may have gone a whole different way." She said as she sat him in the back of her car.

He looked up at her "I was just going home." He said again and Ani looked at him "Into the water?" She asked "What's your name." She asked him "William Anderson." He answered as she looked at his driver's license. "Do you have any warrants?" She asked as she prepared to request Justice to run the man's name and date of birth.

The man shrugged "I dunno..maybe" he slurred.

Ani keyed up "313 justice. I need you to run Anderson,standard spelling. First name William date of birth 2/5/89 run all ways" She added "William, how much have you had to drink tonight?" She asked

Again a shoulder shrug and an "I dunno." As ani's radio crackled back to life "Justice to 313, verify middle initial." Ani looked at the man "What's your middle initial?" Looking at the license in her hand to see if he gave her the correct letter.

With a sigh "David" he said as he looked down at his feet.

"313 Justice Middle name David"

Justice to 313- two servable out of Kill Devil Hills for public intoxication and disorderly conduct." The dispatcher said "10-4 Justice. Show me enroute to booking 1 male"

Once the dispatcher had acknowledged Ani, she shut the rear door after double checking that her prisoner was secured and headed to the booking area.


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