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Why Am I Doing This Again?

Posted on 07 Oct 2023 @ 15:25 by Deputy Sheriff II Anistyn Ramirez-Rhinehart

455 words; about a 2 minute read

Mission: April Fools
Location: Rhineholt Home
Timeline: 4/5/23 1300 EST

Anistyn sat at her desk in the home office that she and Ethan shared. She was allegedly studying for a test that she had later that day for her paramedic course. Sitting cross legged in her chair, hair pulled up in a sloppy bun, dressed in a pair of sweats and one of Ethan's t-shirts as she was looking at her study guides and learning materials. She was good at being a cop, she was beginning to wonder if she was prepared to be a paramedic as well. This wasn't a major test, more of a quiz, but Ani was stressing about it.

Dargo, Rose, Bella and Tigger, Ani and Ethan's four puppies, were laying around the room in various states of sleep, Dargo, their 4 month old German Shepherd, was snapping at something in his sleep and chuffing. Rose, the 3 month old Blood hound was at Ani's feet drooling on the rung of the chair. Ani wrinkled her nose, they were going to have to take Rose to the groomer and have her bathed. Bella and Tigger were curled up together under Ethan's desk, Bella, a 2 month old Malinois and Tigger, a 2 month old Caucasian Shepherd were adopted together. When the couple took the dogs for walks, it looked and sounded like a 3 ring circus coming down the street.

Turning her attention back to her text book and laptop, she continued to review the material for the quiz later that night. Just as she got into what she was reading, Dargo heard something through the open window and started barking, which woke up the other 3, who joined in greeting the mailman.

Stretching, Ani wiped off her drool soaked foot on the towel just for that purpose and went downstairs to get the mail. All 4 dogs racing her down the stairs to beat her to the door. The mailman, Amazon driver,FedEx driver and the list could go on for days were their best friends. The couple kept dog treats at the door for them to give, training the dogs that they had to stop barking and sit before getting a treat.

Today's visitor was FedEx, their usual driver, Dan grinned as the four puppies slid to a stop and immediately sat down like sweet little angels...he opened the door and handed Ani her package and then gave each of the puppies a treat before scratching ears and heading back to his truck.

Looking at the box, it was the pet place that they ordered the pups food and treats. She didn't remember ordering anything. Heading back upstairs to the office, she put the box aside, that was a later thing, she picked up her notes and book and once again buried herself in studying


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