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A Somber Detail

Posted on 13 Sep 2023 @ 17:53 by Corporal Justin Rose & Deputy Sheriff III Angelica Passolini & Deputy Sheriff II Anistyn Ramirez-Rhinehart & Deputy Sheriff II Harrison Conway & Deputy Sheriff I Piper Cole

642 words; about a 3 minute read

Mission: April Fools
Location: WCSO HQ, Breifing Room
Timeline: 6 APR, 1431

As so ordered each member of the detail assigned to cover Kitty Hawk Police during the funeral services for one of their officers they were all present in the briefing room chatting and waiting for whoever was in charge to show up. Having just been briefed by the duty Lieutenant the Deputy-in-Charge entered the room.

"Alright everyone, have a seat, I'll be your fearless leader for this evening's shift," Justin Rose announced. Justin had not personally known this officer but he felt that it best honored him by being here to cover the services needed by the community the man served so those who knew him could be present.

Each deputy in the room, with the exception of Cole, who had no choice, had volunteered to do the very same for whatever their personal reasons were.

"Alright, so we will be taking all calls for service between the hours of fifteen-hundred to midnight. All units will be in service within the jurisdiction of Kitty Hawk PD at all times. At no time should a unit be at the services we are to be protecting the public and responding for calls for service."

Ani nodded and made a note that if needed to go out of jurisdiction to contact the uppers.

Harry leaned back in the chair as he folded the page of his small notebook as he jotted down the relevant information. Fifteen hundred to midnight. He was in for a long haul and would be needing to rummage through his locker for snacks before he left the station.

Angelica made notes at the top of her notebook, Cheech was not by her side, which the dog had let her know he was not happy with that decision, but she was here and ready for another shift. Plus the OT would be nice to pay down her credit cards.

Piper did her best to look like she did stand-in details all the time and not like she was still on the tail end of her first week on the job. Like the others she had a small notebook and she jotted things down, noting times and restrictions of the shift. It felt a bit redundant to her, though, as she would be with Rose the whole time anyway, shadowing and learning. Not that she minded. This first week had been hard work, but Rose was a patient teacher and she'd appreciated his approach--even if her brain did hurt like she'd just crammed for a final at the end of each day.

"We have a nice fleet of reserve cars that we will utilize though we will be using Kitty Hawk PD callsigns, remaining on our dispatch channel. We will not be responding to any calls outside of Kitty Hawk and we will not be leaving jurisdiction for any reason without my approval, the approval of the patrol sergeant, or the lieutenant. Understood?"

Ani nodded and waited to hear what her call sign would be.

No calls outside KHPD. That made sense, they were there specifically tasked to that role, anything in the surrounding areas would not be their concern for the evening. Harry nodded, knowing that he would have to get to terms with a new car.

Call signs. That did seem worthy of writing down, so Piper waited to hear what she should listen for, ready to pull out the pneumonic she'd been using to try to learn the call signs for the WCSO. A new set of call signs made her want to twitch just a little, but hopefully she'd be ok with a cheat sheet.

"I'll be 405, Ramirez 411 in 353, Conway 412 in 356, and Passolini 413 in 351 and last but not least Cole will be our faithful desk officer known as Base 4. I'll give you a ride to the station," he said, looking at cole. "Lets hit the road people."


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