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Just another morning

Posted on 29 Jul 2023 @ 19:41 by Deputy Sheriff III Angelica Passolini & K9 Cheech

339 words; about a 2 minute read

Mission: April Fools
Location: Passolini residcence
Timeline: 4/1/2023 0600

Cheech again began to bark at one of the many squirrels that had the absolute audacity to exist in his yard.. This seemed to broker a truce with Rocky, who was staring at the squirrels with rapt attention and chittering his outrage at their existence,

Angelica Passolini stirred and groaned, “Leave the squirrels alone you two you’ll give them a complex.”

She padded in the kitchen to start breakfast and opened the porch door to let Cheech outside for his morning run attack which was usually him circling the yard barking at whatever animal caught his attention. While that was going on Rocky was fed on the counter with his usual plate of wet cat food.

During that time her house phone rang. Most of her friends and family and her job had her cell number, the home phone was a habit, so usually that was wrong numbers, or on occasion her parents or some relative who didn’t trust cell phones.

This time the caller ID didn’t say Unknown caller, It showed New York Police… Probably, dad, her brother would more likely text, and he was in the application process for Emergency Services Unit so he was trying to stay off any radars. Mom would have shown Kings county, since she was an investigator and her older sister was with the State Police. So she answered.

“Hi dad.”

That made her father laugh, “How did you know it was me.”

“Detective work.” was her reply.

“I thought you were hanging out with a dog?”

“Hey that involves detective work in some ways, where do you think folks hide their dope, ask Uncle Silvio about that, isn’t he k9?”

“Yeah point.” Her father conceded. “Even though that dog was smart as hell.”

“Cheech gets that too.”

“Wait your dog’s name is Cheech?”

“Yes..” She paused.

“How…” she could hear the confusion in his voice.

“If you ever want to see the Sheriff’s eye twitch ask him that.”

“That’s got to be a story.”


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