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Morning Lineup

Posted on 01 Sep 2023 @ 11:57 by Sergeant Russell Nell & Corporal Justin Rose & Sergeant Levi Monroe & Investigator Mason Benoit & Investigator Eoin Fitzgerald & Corporal Miguel De Leon & Deputy Sheriff III Elijah Gillett & Deputy Sheriff III Angelica Passolini & Deputy Sheriff II Anistyn Ramirez-Rhinehart & Deputy Sheriff II Michael Slaughter & Deputy Sheriff II Harrison Conway & Deputy Sheriff I Piper Cole

1,006 words; about a 5 minute read

Mission: April Fools
Location: WCSO HQ, Briefing Room
Timeline: 03 APR 2023, 0703

"Good morning, everyone find a seat," SGT Nell said as he entered the briefing room. He looked around, and it seemed the entire shift of oncoming deputies was present. "Just a couple of quick things, and then we are good to get to work."

Ani settled in at one of the tables with a cup of coffee. She looked up at Sergeant Nell as he started to speak.

Harry had settled at another seat as the sergeant had walked in, having a precursory glance at those present most likely as he placed his almost empty mug on his lap.

Eli glanced up to make eye contact with Neil briefly, before looking back at the day planner he had out in front of him. He'd heard scuttlebutt already about there being some possible OT on the horizon. The planner was a necessity because screwing with your phone during briefing would get you unwanted attention. An open book could be glanced at and not get you into trouble.

It was just a pain to keep both updated.

Angelica took her usual table, Cheech the irascible decided today he was going to take his own chair and sat as attentive as any rookie.

"Great," he said once he had quiet in the room, and everyone was in a chair. "Welcome back to Deputy Cole turns out that Corporal Rose hasn't made her quit yet," he joked.

Piper's eyebrows popped high and she looked over at at Corporal Rose, a question in her expression mixed in with curious surprise. "Thank you, sir," she said with a degree of bemusement.

"That one who quit was a fluke it had nothing to do with me," Justin said defensively.

Ani looked over at Justin "Keep telling yourself that." She said jokingly.

As if on a spring, Piper's head turned to look at Ani and then back to Justin. She wanted to whisper something about insisting someone explain, but then she figured insisting on anything on day 2 probably wouldn't go well for her.

Harry had given a wry but fleeting smile as the two bantered between each other about probies who hadn't quite in them to stay on.

"Moving on, somber note, I'm looking for someone to pick up some overtime Thursday night to cover Kittyhawk PD. I don't have all the details yet, but there's a funeral service for an officer who has been sick for a long time. Officer Thorpe," Nell said. Most of the deputies participated in various fundraisers throughout the past year for him.

"Sheriff and the Chief of Police have arranged that we will cover fully for the department that night. Likely the shift will begin sometime in preparation for the wake and a couple of hours after. You can expect a department-wide email with funeral arrangements. I do not know what coverage is being offered for the actual funeral nothing has come down as of yet. If you're interested send me an email," he ordered.

Ani had decided that she would rather relieve the officers of Kitty Hawk so they could properly mourn their friend, so her first order after morning briefing was to send an email saying she would work Thursday evening to help out. Ani spoke up. "I'll get you that email after briefing."

Kittyhawk PD. They had helped them out a fair deal whenever they had gone to various calls, and it was only right for them to pay it forward and allow for the KHPD to mourn the loss. He didn't know the officer personally but he had heard his name before whenever they worked with KHPD. Harry folded his arm across his chest, listening on to what else needed to be spoken about in the briefing but he had already decided that he would put himself forward to work Thursday evening.

"I'll likely be going to the funeral," Eli commented. "Be a good thing to show up and support them, once the details are released."

"Cheech and I are available." Angelica spoke up, Helping out in her mind was a given, with her family she remembered her dad putting on his dress uniform and the black band on his shield even when he didn't know the officer because it was a fellow cop who had given all.

Ani needed to remember to bring in Cheech's favorite treats. She eventually wanted to become a k-9officer, the opportunity had not yet presented itself.

Slaughter, who had been relatively quiet and unassuming in the back of the meeting, raised his head and flashed a wave of his right hand.

"Whatever is needed, Sir." he spoke somberly before taking a swig of the lukewarm coffee from an off brand chain located near the station.

Though she wanted to offer up her help Piper stayed quiet, taking in the tone and tenor of the room. Her expression had shifted toward seriousness and concern. She made a mental note to ask Rose if she could do so yet, if he was doing so himself, and if not was she even eligible while still this green.

"Nothing much is happening out there, that I'm aware of," he said, flipping through his notes from the overnight shift and the briefing yesterday. "Sergeant Monroe you have anything?" Nell asked.

Levi stood. Looked around the room and said, "Nothing new. Investigations is pursuing the catalytic converter thefts and hopefully we'll narrow the focus enough this week to get movement there."

Miguel sat in his usual place as he took notes on the small notepad he kept. He had already spoken to Sergeant Nell about the funeral since he would be attending as a mourner. Miguel had known Officer Thorpe long before his illness, they had actually stared at the WCSO jail before Thorpe transferred over to Kittyhawk PD. It had been difficult to watch Thorpe succumb, but he had not given up the fight. He checked his wristwatch for the time before looking back up to the sergeant to finish the meeting.

"Alright," Nell said, "get out there and do good things."


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