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Two can tapdance

Posted on 21 Jul 2023 @ 15:12 by Deputy Sheriff II Harrison Conway

1,052 words; about a 5 minute read

Mission: April Fools
Location: 902 Console Lane, KDH
Timeline: 3 APR 2023 - 0805hrs

Harry had gotten back into his car, his radio chattering away in the background. He took his flash from the cup holder and took a sip as he waited for his next call out from Justice.

"Justice to 327. Got a priority two for you, potential 129 in progress 902 Console Lane. Apparently suspects are still on scene."

"Show 327 responding."

"Thank you 327, I'll show you assigned."

Lights were turned on, sirens soon followed as he pulled out of the alleyway. He knew where Console Lane was, and it was a few minutes away from where he was positioned currently.

"327, Justice."

"Go ahead, Justice."

"We got suspects description?"

"That would be a negative, 327. Trying to get hold of the informant now but they're not picking up."

Harry grimaced, hand hovering over the PTT button as he made his way through morning traffic. End to end congestion on the 158 North Croatan Highway but with enough time and blaring of his horn, people eventually had gotten the message to move out of the way as he drove on the offside.

"Justice to 327."

"Go 'head."

"Background checks on the property suggests that a Mari Levon and a Dominic Sanchez reside at the address. Playback on the call suggests that it was a woman screaming in the background."

"All received Justice. Could I have a local KDH unit to assist in this one as well please."

"Already raised it with them."

Harry clicked his tongue. They would probably be petty about it, due to the whole jurisdiction debacle - however he would be surprised if they didn't want the statistics to prove that they could out-maneuver the deputy department.

He was coming down the road, driving down the Lane and parking up, locking the car.

"Show 327 on scene. 0810hrs."

"Received, 327."

He approached the building, observing it from the outside. The door was ajar, the house was dark but there was clear signs of disturbance on the outside. Harry drew his weapon, approaching the door and noting that the lock had been jimmied. If someone was in there, he'd have to act quickly. Toeing the door open, he moved inside and turned his body worn camera on, checking angles and ensuring that he wasn't missing anything.

Harry stopped a foot into the house, listening for any sounds or motion in the house but could not hear anything of note. No draws being rummaged through, no footsteps in or around the area.

He moved through the house, checking the ground floor rooms starting with the living room. It seemed that there was an untidy search that had happened only recently, Harry moved to the kitchen where he found himself face to face with someone standing at the kitchen counter.

"Williams County Sheriff's Office." He announced himself.

The woman in the kitchen looked wide-eyed and surprised, her hands raised. "Woah, what the fuck?!"

"Who are you?" Harry glanced from the woman to the letters that were gathered on the side of the kitchen counter:


"I live here."

"You have anyone else in here with you?"

"No....just myself."

Harry could see she was being evasive, that her eyes were looking elsewhere and that made him in turn uncomfortable. "What's your name then."

"Caroline Lawler."

"Right," He nodded, as if he were on the believing end of the spectrum. "I got a call to this address, the door's been jimmied open - you know anything about that?"

"No idea, I just got home, y'know? My friend's letting me stay here for a couple of nights."

Harry shook his head, he needed to make a judgement call as he put his gun back into his holster. "Right, for the time being, you're being detained for a search." He took hold of her arm, applying cuffs in a rear stacked position and checked that they weren't applied too tightly.

"327 to Justice, I've got one at the address detained currently. Will need another unit to assist, I'm single crewed."

"Justice to 327, that's received. There is a KDH unit one minute from your location."

"Much appreciated."

The woman, Caroline, started to squirm. "These cuffs are tight and what the hell am I being detained for!? I've done nothin' wrong, nothing wrong. My friend's letting me stay--"

"What's your friend's name?"

"I can't remember, I'm stressed out from the cuffs and from seeing you! Amanda something!"


"Or maybe it was Maribel."

"You said she was your friend."

Harry began to put gloves on to conduct the search. Whilst he was conducting the search, two local Kill Devils officers walked through the property.



The greeting was curt as the tension could be cut with a knife, but Harry was determined for this interaction to go as smoothly as he described what he had found as the other officer stood watch with Caroline.

A screwdriver was laid out next to her as he finished the search and raised his brows, much to Caroline's denial that he had found it on her.

"Officer Cortez, you're going to check out the rest of the house with your colleague, cover the rest of the house to ensure its clear and if we can verify this woman's ID."

He stood with Caroline as the other two officers swept the house, checking room to room before coming back downstairs shaking their heads.

No luck on finding anything.

"327, Justice."

"Go ahead."

"Need to run a name, last name Lawler. First name Caroline." Harry stated, eyeing up Caroline who had now gone silent.

"Justice to 327. Verify middle name."

"Ain't got none." Caroline replied, sourly.

"No middle name, Justice."

"Justice to 327, you free to speak?"

Harry motioned for one of the KDH officers to take over, as he stepped away and into the corridor. "Go on, Justice."

"Got one Caroline Lawler DoB 12/03/1989. Got her on an bench warrant."

"10-4 Justice."

He walked back into the woman. "Justice, show me en route to booking, one adult female. Calm and compliant." He guided her towards the cruiser, making sure she didn't bump her head on the door as she slid into the back. He checked that she was secure before getting into the front seat.

"Thanks for your help," He called out of the window as he watched the two KDH officers walk back towards their cruiser. "Catch you at the next one."


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