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Monday blues

Posted on 11 Jul 2023 @ 7:04 by Deputy Sheriff II Harrison Conway
Edited on on 11 Jul 2023 @ 7:09

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Mission: April Fools
Location: St Clair Road, Kill Devil Hills
Timeline: 3 APR 2023 - 0720hrs

Harry sighed, coffee flask in one hand as he slid into his cruiser. He had already checked that the cruiser was fully kitted and operational with a first aid kit, checked out his taser and his live ammunition as he placed his flask in the cup holder in the middle. Reaching over to run the DI, his radio cackled to life - Harry paused to listen but it was another call sign being called up by Justice. He turned the radio up a notch as he checked the lights and sirens before he got back out and perform a visual check of any major damages to the cruiser from the previous shift.

"Justice, 327."

There was a pause as his brain processed that he was the unit being called up on the radio.

"327, go ahead Justice."

Another pause.

Harry slid back into the seat as his radio crackled back to life.

"327 respond to an outstanding welfare check at St Clair Road, priority three."

"Show 327 responding, 0723."

KDHPD strikes again. Harry thought to himself as he put his cruiser in drive and began his route towards the location.

Could have been a worst assignment he supposed as the radio played softly in the background. He had his sunglasses on top of the dashboard as he observed the road traffic. People were most likely headed into the city for work but it wasn't peak hours, not yet.

He knew the Kill Devils Patrols wouldn't appreciate seeing the WCSO driving about and there was a slight chance that they would try and pull him over to see what he was doing but like he had explained to them on the first week on the job, the sheriff's office had their jurisdiction in KDH. The big boys and girls would have to suck it up.

Coming to a stop at a red light as his wipers cleared his windscreen, he reached down for his flask and took a quick sip, seeing the lights turning green.


He placed it back in the holder as a car honked behind him. Harry checked his mirror, brow creasing as he shook it off. People had little patience, even for a marked vehicle.

Soon enough, he came to the area that his GPS was guiding him towards.

"327, Justice."

"Go ahead 327."

"Confirm address location for my current."


Harry slowed down as he cruised down the streets towards the road. Perhaps he would be lucky enough to have been flagged down by a neighbor or perhaps he would get nothing in return.

"Justice, 327."

"Go ahead."

"Address is a 111 St Clair Road."

"All received, Justice. Show me on scene 0756hrs."

Parking himself down a side street, Harry locked the cruiser as he tested the handle before heading down the road which would lead him to his first call of the day. It was a 'q' street, so here was to hoping that there was nothing untoward that had happened last night.

Approaching the door and double tapping his camera, he checked the windows but couldn't see anyone inside or hear any movement. Harry rapped the door and waited. He stepped back, glancing upwards at the other floors to see if they were looking down to see who it was.

No one.

"327, Justice."

"Go ahead."

"Did we have a caller name to this address?"

Harry went back and knocked again, this time a little louder. "Williams County Sheriff's Office." He announced. He narrowed his eyes as he peered through one of the windows.

"327, should be a Morrigan Campbell. Got a contact number here when you're ready."

Once he had gotten his phone out, he dialed in the code to ensure his number would come up NO CALLER ID and inserted the number as it was read out to him.

The phone rang out.

Rang out again.

Then went straight to voicemail.

Harry couldn't see any movement and he had no suspicion that there was anyone inside from having called the phone and not heard anything. There was a bit of radio chatter as he stopped recording on his body worn camera. He started back for his cruiser.

"327, Justice."

"Go ahead."

"111 St Clair Road is a no response at the door and no response at the phone. Leave open for a unit to retry later in the day."

"All received 327. Got another one if you're in the green."

Harry softly chuckled. "Yeah, send it down Justice."


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