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Early morning and coffee

Posted on 09 Jul 2023 @ 15:00 by Deputy Sheriff II Harrison Conway

496 words; about a 2 minute read

Mission: April Fools
Location: Conway residence; Williams County, North Carolina
Timeline: 2 APR 2023 - 0430hrs

Harry rolled over, pillow dropping to the floor as he grumbled something into the covers. The blurry red digits of his bedside clock read out 0430 hours. Too early to be up on a rest day, knowing that Charlie and Delta were handling their respective shifts before Alpha took over for a six-day stint.

He remained in such a position until the clock read out 0500 hours, slowly shuffling up the bed to position himself upright, rubbing the sleep from his eyes as he took a moment to let out a long and drawn out yawn. His body clock had taken a beating since the last time they had managed to do nights.

Allowing himself another five more minutes, it was soon determined that his body and brain would not allow for more sleep as he swung his legs from out under the covers and drew himself to his full height, reaching upwards in a stretch as he shuffled along the wooden floorboards of his flat.

Coffee would be put on the stove and he would leave the door open to his patio as he pulled on his WCSO long sleeve, ruffling his hand through his hair to attempt in bringing some order to his very early start and mentally reminding himself that he would go and get himself a haircut before the next batch of shifts started.

He knew that eventually, once coffee and breakfast had been made, he would go for his run along the route that Harry had long ago made part of his daily running routine.

He turned to go back in, grabbing the newspaper and chucking it on the counter on top of yesterday's, though spared another look out to the driveway, his SUV was still there. Another look and his elderly neighbour was just shuffling onto the patio to seat themselves in their favorite sun chair.

There would be time in the cruiser to read the newspaper, on a particularly slow day on day shift (which was dependent on pretty much everything going well from the off-set, and hell would freeze over before that would happen)

Harrison had been patrolling South Division, formerly named Dare County which meant his day was going to be consistent with bumping and butting heads with the finest officers of the Kill Devil Hills PD could muster. Kitty Hawk on the other hand weren't too bad in his optics, they were smaller and there was some talk of them being folded into the SO but that was a plan for someone way above his own pay check to cash in-

The coffee whistled and Harry went over to take it off the stove, making sure to turn the gas off as he poured it into his slightly chipped and faded mug.

The clock read 0515.

Birds chirped in the distance and a car backfired.

Harry leaned against the kitchen counter, blew before he took a sip of his coffee as he thought about the day ahead.


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