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Deputy Sheriff III Angelica Passolini

Name Angelica Passolini

Position Deputy Sheriff

Second Position Canine Handler

Rank Deputy Sheriff III

Character Information

Gender Female
Nationality/Race Italian American
Age 28
Date of Birth 7/12/1995

Physical Appearance

Height 5"6"
Weight 135
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green


Spouse Robert Wyszenski (Ex husband)
Children None
Father Detective Marco Passolini Major Case NYPD
Mother Nicolette Passolini Kings County District Attorneys investigator
Siblings(s) Sofia Andrews (Maiden name Passolini), 30, Sgt NY State Police, Investigator.
Anthony Passolini 26, NYPD Patrol officer
Connie Passolini 15 Sister, High School
Extended Family Various cousins, uncles, aunts, and other relatives, Most NYPD or some form of law enforcement
Significant Relationships Rocco, 4 year old mixed breed cat,

Personality & Traits

General Overview Friendly and easygoing she has a wicked sense of humor she is slow to anger but she can hold grudges, it runs in her family.
Hobbies & Interests In her off time she enjoys cooking, hiking, fencing, and self defense training, in the art of Krav Maga, and Russian Sambo, she also is an avid marksman, and hunter picking up the hobby in her time in service.

Personal History Born in Brooklyn, she grew up in what could be described as a typical Italian catholic family, except most of her relations were some form of law enforcement.

At first, she tried to rebel, being sort of a delinquent, which was stopped real quick when she got arrested for shoplifting at age 14, the arresting officer turned out to be her uncle Silvio, who had been working that day, and booked her into the system, which her parents supported After High School, she decided to enlist, shipping out to basic training.

In the Army she was a combat engineer, where she was deployed to Afghanistan, and served with some distinction, even being involved with local outreach and working with the women and girls of the country,

During her service she was briefly married to a fellow soldier, Robert Wyszenski in what was described as a 'brief courtship' However they were better friends then a couple, and divorced within 14 months. They are still friends and keep in touch, but they both have moved on.

After Discharge she loved the North Carolinia area she had been stationed at Fort Bragg, So she started a life, she was able to find a job working at a local steakhouse where she worked as a line cook filling in for a bartender. It wasn't a bad life but one night, the bar was robbed and the sheriff's office responded.

It didn't take long for her to sign up, much to the surprise of her parents. But she worked hard, made some good arrests, and eventually she was selected for K9 work. She is now paired with a K9 partner and is learning her new role.
Service Record 2013: Graduated from High School in Brooklyn NYC
2013-2014: US Army One Station Unit Training for Combat Engineer, followed by Airborne school.
2014-2016: 20th Engineering Batallion Ft Bragg NC, Deployed to Afghanistan.
2016-2017: Stationed at Ft Bragg NC, 20th Engineering
2017-2019: Cook/bartender Various locations
2019-2022: Williams County Sheriff's office Deputy, Patrol
2022-2023: Deputy 2, selected for K9 officer training, with NC State Police
2023- : Deputy 3, K9 officer.