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Investigator Eoin Fitzgerald

Name Eoin Fitzgerald

Position Criminal Investigator

Rank Investigator

Character Information

Gender Male
Nationality/Race Northern Irish / American / IC1
Age 38
Date of Birth 01/01/1985

Physical Appearance

Height 5ft 8in
Weight 167lbs
Hair Color Stawberry Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Face Claim: Rupert Grint (will upload image)


Spouse Louise Fitzgerald, Lt Cmdr, USN
Children NA
Father Mícheál Fitzgerald, Det RUC (Ret.)
Mother Anne Fitzgerald

Personality & Traits

Personal History To be expanded but will include:

* Military Service at 16 - 20 years of service, including 4 as Non-Com, plus commission Officer. Specialism in Policing. Following Father's lead. [Explore undertones of NI history with policing and family background]

* American born, New England, Mother American citizen. Born in NE, raised in NI.

*Return to US to be with wife, serving US Naval Officer Lt Cmdr. Louise Fitzgerald. (Met while previously stationed to NATO), Currently assigned to Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune JAG office.
Service Record 2003 - 2020, Royal Navy Police, HM Royal Navy, UK [Expand to include specific service rotations]
2020 - 2023, Response Officer, PSNI
2023 - Present, Investigator, Williams County Sheriffs Office