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K9 Cheech

Name Cheech

Position Working Dog (Patrol/Narcotics)

Rank K9

Character Information

Gender Male
Nationality/Race Belgian Malnois
Age 2

Physical Appearance

Height 2'2"
Weight 65lbs
Hair Color Light brown with a dark brown muzzle
Eye Color Dark brown


Siblings(s) Various Littermates
Significant Relationships Angelica Passolini, His human, friend, partner, giver of food and belly rubs.

Rocky: the feline, his best friend (Though Rocky doesn't know that yet.)

Personality & Traits

General Overview A happy, friendly dog, who loves people, except when he's working then he loves chasing the bad ones.
Ambitions To get the Thanksgiving turkey, and to find all the things that smell interesting.
Hobbies & Interests Chasing, things, catching balls, sleeping on the couch, and if he's really lucky curling up with his biped, and that feline interloper

Personal History Cheech, was born somewhere, most likely he was a runaway. or something, and was recovered by Montgomery County Animal control, Where he was selected for K9 training at a young age.

The Sheriff's office itself wanted a bit of a publicity event where the public got to name the newest K9 deputy. Setting up an internet contest to select his name, However, there was two mistakes, the first one being, they let people pick names, and the second was they failed to take the Internet in to account,and well....

The internet found out about the contest and worked together to flood the name with Cheech, for comedian Cheech Marin, best known for the Cheech and Chong comedy troupe. In the end the Sheriff was advised to accept the results, so Cheech was named, though the Sheriff was heard to mutter that it would be a 'cold day in hell before they let the internet name anything in this department.'

After training he was paired with his new handler and friend, where he has been ever since.