Welcome to the Williams County Sheriff's Office!

logo.pngThe Williams County Sherrif's Office (WCSO), was created in 2018 with the creation of Williams County, North Carolina. Williams County was created due to the financial shortcomings of both the Currituck and Dare counties, and the State and Federal governments pushing them to consolidate into a single government. Not only did both the state and federal governments push for this consolidation, they helped fund it by offering grants and other financial incentives for this new county. The new tax base for this larger county, allows the county to provide increased services at a lower cost to residents than Currituck or Dare could do independently.

The current Sheriff of WCSO, R. Thomas Durland, is a long-time member of law enforcement. Beginning his career with the New York State Police and eventually joining federal law enforcement. Sheriff Durland retired to Currituck County just as the campaign to combine Dare and Currituck into the same county started, and he immediately became politically active. Durland has served as Sheriff of Williams County since the county's incorporation in 2018. This will mark the start of his second, four-year term.

The WCSO is a Collaborative Writing Group based on the department's day-to-day operations. This group will focus on the Alpha Platoon as they move through their day, serving as front-line patrol deputies, investigators, and more. As WCSO grows in membership, more roles will become available. Specifically, specialized and supervisory roles within the Sherrif's Office and the ability to write as part of the Williams County Emergency Medical Services.

WCSO requires all members to be eighteen years of age and be a part of our discord server. WCSO is a realistic collaboration that centers on a law enforcement agency that strives to be at the forefront of law enforcement experience and policy-wise to serve the residents and guests of Williams County.


Latest Mission Posts

» Hoops and Games.

Mission: April Fools
Posted on 26 Oct 2023 @ 11:37 by Sergeant Levi Monroe & Investigator Mason Benoit

Surveillance, or Stake-Outs, was always the same for Levi. At least for the most part. They by necessity included boredom, coffee and farts. They just did. He glanced through the window toward a run down two story bungalow house that was in bad need of everything: painting, mowing, and it…

» The Sheriff on Patrol

Mission: April Fools
Posted on 17 Oct 2023 @ 10:56 by Sheriff R. Thomas Durland Jr. & Deputy Sheriff II Harrison Conway

"Three-oh-one justice," the Sheriff's voice came across the radio. "I'll have a traffic stop on Route 158 near West Seachase Drive, the southern one," he clarified. There were two intersections of those particular roads. "Out of my vehicle."

"301 at 10:09," the dispatcher responded. It was the Sheriff, and so…

» East Coast Life

Mission: April Fools
Posted on 13 Oct 2023 @ 12:04 by Isabel Jaqobis & Deputy Sheriff III Arran Jaqobis

Isabel turned onto the block that she lived on with her husband, her son, and soon to be child. She came to a stop pulling to the side not wanting to stop the fun that was clearly ensuing in the driveway between father and son. She smiled as she watched…

» ATM Alarm

Mission: April Fools
Posted on 08 Oct 2023 @ 7:10 by Deputy Sheriff III Arran Jaqobis

"Justice, 323," the dispatcher's voice announced over the radio.

"323 receiving, Justice," Arran spoke back into the mike as he sat by the side of the road in patrol car.

"323, respond to 2991 State Route 345 in Wanchese it'll be the Village Hardware for an ATM alarm."

"Affirmative, Justice,…

» Why Am I Doing This Again?

Mission: April Fools
Posted on 07 Oct 2023 @ 15:25 by Deputy Sheriff II Anistyn Ramirez-Rhinehart

Anistyn sat at her desk in the home office that she and Ethan shared. She was allegedly studying for a test that she had later that day for her paramedic course. Sitting cross legged in her chair, hair pulled up in a sloppy bun, dressed in a pair of sweats…